Prof. Maria Besiou, PhD


Professor of Humanitarian Logistics


Conference Presentations and Invited Talks

  • Same Ball, Different Game?: Academic Thoughts on Humanitarian Logistics vs Commercial Logistics, Plenary Session. 8th Iberoamerican Academy Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil, December 2013
  • Maritime Logistics in Africa: Humanitarian and Development Perspectives, Plenary Session. 3rd African Logistics Conference, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, November 2013
  • Vehicle Supply Chains in the Humanitarian Sector: A System Dynamics Analysis. BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, August 2013
  • The Effect of Earmarked Funding on Fleet Management for Relief and Development. ALBA Graduate Business School, Athens, Greece, May, 2012
  • Decentralisation and Earmarked Funding in Humanitarian Logistics for Relief and Development. POMS Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA, April 2012. Best Paper Award
  • Enablers and Barriers for Producer Responsibility. POMS Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA, April 2012
  • Introduction to System Dynamics. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain, April 2012
  • Formal Waste Recovery Systems and Scavengers: Symbiotic or Conflicting? INFORMS Annual Meeting, Charlotte, USA, November 2011
  • Decentralization and Equity/Efficiency Tradeoffs in Humanitarian Operations: Fleet Management Systems. Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, August 2011
  • Decentralisation and Trade-Offs of Equity and Efficiency in Humanitarian Fleet Management Systems. INFORMS Annual Meeting, Charlotte, USA, November 2011; POMS Annual Meeting, Reno, USA, April 2011
  • A Crowd of Watchdogs: Toward a System Dynamics Model of Media Response to Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility Initiatives. Social Media for Social Purposes Conference, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2011
  • Choosing the Right Stage in a Production Process to Implement Quality Control, Using System Dynamics. Conference "Standardization, Protypes and Quality: A Means of Balkan Countries’ Collaboration", Thessaloniki, Greece, October 2009
  • Green WEEE Closed-Loop Supply Chains: Critical Factors of their Environmental and Economical Sustainability. Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands, July 2009
  • The Importance of Feedback Loops Designing Environmental Policies for Sustainable Development, Plenary Session. Annual International Conference of The System Dynamics Society, Athens, Greece, July 2008
  • Critical Factors Affecting the Sustainability of Electrical Equipment Closed-Loop Supply Chains. INFORMS Annual Meeting, Washington, USA, October 2008
  • Alternative Actions for Sustainability in a WEEE Closed-Loop Supply Chain in Greece. Annual EURO, Bonn, Germany, July 2009

Invited Practitioner Conference Presentations

  • Looking behind the Paradigms: Humanitarian Supply Chain Expenditures and Investment Opportunities. Global Logistics Cluster Conference. Bonn, May 2017.
  • Right-Sizing Fleets: Experiences from Plan International. Global Logistics Cluster Conference. Leysin, Switzerland, November 2017.
  • Re-thinking the economy of delivering aid. Humanitarian Network Partnership Week (HNPW). Geneve, Switzerland, February 2018.
  • WHS 2016 Humanitarian Supply Chain Paper: Recap and Follow-up. Global Logistics Cluster Conference. Brussels, November 2016.
  • Vehicle Supply Chains of Humanitarian Organizations: Decentralization and Earmarked Funding. Fleet Forum Annual Conference. Dubai, March 2013
  • Humanitarian Fleet Management - Finding Solutions with System Dynamics. Fleet Forum Annual Conference. Fontainebleau, France, March 2010