Doctoral Program (PhD)

Doctoral Program

KLU’s mission is to educate future leaders in logistics, supply chain management and management and to advance scientific knowledge and its application in the fields of logistics and supply chain management, accounting, finance, marketing and leadership.

As an integral part of this mission, KLU is committed to offering doctoral candidates a program that prepares them to evaluate and reflect the state of knowledge in their particular field of research. A doctoral candidate’s experience is enhanced by the atmosphere of close cooperation and intellectual challenge that KLU offers. It is further expanded by the exchange with other doctoral candidates from high level of diverse academic and cultural backgrounds.

After the successful completion of the doctoral program, KLU awards the degree “Doctor of Philosophy” (Ph.D.) in management or the doctoral degree in business, economics, and social sciences (Dr. rer. Pol.).


In accordance with international standards and practices, the program is laid-out for four years of doctoral studies. Course work that is required during the first and second year encompasses the following categories:

Course CategoryContent
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Presentation and Writing Skills
  • Writing and Ethics in Publication
Depth RequirementsA minimum of 3 expert courses in the field of the dissertation
Breadth RequirementsA minimum of 2 courses to choose from:
  • Empirical research
  • Modelling and simulation research
  • Experimental research

The courses are taught at KLU by its own faculty and complemented by internationally distinguished scholars. In addition, students will attend workshops or courses at other universities, such as one of our cooperation partners, Leuphana University Lüneburg. Furthermore, the doctoral candidate will be actively involved in research projects conducted by KLU’s faculty. The goal is to publish the results in highly-ranked academic journals.

How to Apply

Admission Requirements

  • Master’s degree, diploma or equivalent in business, economics, social sciences, or comparable studies; with a minimum overall grade of “good” (GPA: 2.50 German Standard)
  • sufficient English language skills to complete the doctoral program
  • support by at least one resident faculty member of the KLU

Required Documents

  • application form
  • transcripts of records, certificates
  • a tabular CV
  • proof that the project is supported by at least one resident faculty member of the KLU
  • contact details of two professors and/or teachers which can be used as references
  • a declaration attesting that the applicant has not previously applied for a doctorate or is pursuing a doctorate at another university

Application Deadline

Applications can be submitted year-round, depending on availability. Please view our open positions.


Financing options should be discussed with the supervising KLU professor.


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