Merit-Based Scholarships

KLU supports exceptional BSc & MSc students by offering scholarships.

KLU offers a limited number of merit-based scholarships for exceptional applicants for our BSc and MSc programs. Successful applicants will receive a scholarship for the tuition fees for their entire program of 50-100%. For all of our merit-based scholarships, the requirements below apply.

Please note that at KLU, financing issues for the whole course of studies need to be settled before commencement of studies. KLU’s budgeting support for tuition goes by the annual intake and offers no scheme for students already on the program.

KLU merit-based scholarships 2020

Information about KLU merit-based scholarships 2020 will be given here in autumn/winter 2019.

Requirements KLU merit-based scholarships 2019:

  • Completed application for a KLU study program (BSc/MSc; incomplete applicants, or international applicants (non-EU) still owing the application fee will not be considered), please see our FAQ for more information.

  • Minimum academic performance of 2.0 GPA (German equivalent).

  • Completed scholarship application form, identifying the scholarship you wish to apply for (application forms 2019 to be found below).

  • All applicants must include either an essay (max. 400 words), or a video (max. 3 minutes) as a response to the application question.

Application deadlines 2019:

  • Round 1: February 15th
  • Round 2: April 15th

International scholarship applicants are strongly advised to apply for the first round already!

BSc Preparation Program:

  • Applicants for the BSc Preparation Program 2019 are not eligible for the scholarship selection 2019. They are eligible to apply for a KLU merit-based scholarship once they have successfully passed their entrance examination (Feststellungsprüfung, FSP) in 2020.
  • Students who already commenced the BSc Preparation Program in 2018 are welcome to apply for a KLU merit-based scholarship for 2019 once they have successfully passed their entrance examination Feststellungsprüfung, FSP) in 2019. Application deadline: June 30th, 2019.

Students can only apply for one scholarship. For more information, please email

Please send the application form together with your application essay or video to (videos can be uploaded and sent via e.g.).

KLU Merit-Based Scholarships

Candidates for the Academic Achievement Scholarship must display outstanding academic excellence and a drive to challenge themselves. Particular attention will be given to top grades in quantitative subjects: mathematics, statistics or quantitative analysis. Applicants for the Academic Achievement Scholarship are also asked to submit a reference letter from a teacher or professor supporting their academic strengths. 

Application question:

  • Identify your greatest academic achievement, and explain the skills and personality traits that will make you an exceptional KLU scholar.

Application Form Academic Achievement Scholarship

Candidates for the Future Leader Scholarship must be able to identify they are individuals that have launched a business venture or sought out leadership roles in their school, at work, or in the local community (start-ups, volunteer groups, leadership boards, student clubs, etc.). This scholarship is for individuals who showcase the skills and determination to take initiative and become a future leader.

Application question (please choose one):

  • Explain what you believe is the definition of a leader. How do you portray these attributes?
  • As a future business leader, what is one initiative you would like to pursue, or experience you hope to gain during your time at KLU?
  • As a future business leader, how will you continue growing and taking on leadership roles as part of the KLU community?

Application Form Future Leader Scholarship

Candidates for the Social Engagement Scholarship display a strong commitment to the greater good. They demonstrate this through their actions and involvement within a local, national or international community. Applicants will be able to identify their community engagement, or give examples as to where their passion for service has positively affected others.

Application question (please choose one):

  • Explain/show what you have done to make a positive impact in your local community or on a global scale.
  • If you had unlimited resources, what would be the one initiative you would support and the steps you would take to make a positive impact?
  • During your time as a KLU student, what is something you are passionate about achieving or working on?

Application Form Social Engagement Scholarship

Candidates for the International Advocate Scholarship bring international experiences and display a passion to learn from, and pursue a career in an international environment/sector. They are able to identify opportunities where they sought out international experiences, and what they have learned thus far.

Application question (please choose one):

  • Explain how being in an international environment, or seeking international opportunities has shaped your outlook thus far, and how your future career goals support an international outlook.
  • What is the importance of internationalism and diversity? Identify why you feel internationalism is important in the business world, and how it steers you while planning for your future.

Application Form International Advocate Scholarship

Gifted Education Scholarships

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF; pl. check supports 13 institutions for gifted education that give scholarships to young people whose talent and personality indicate that they will be outstanding at university and in their professions, and take on social responsibility as well.

Scholarship holders of one of the institutions for gifted education supported by the BMBF can apply for a full tuition fee scholarship at KLU:

If you are a scholarship holder of one of the 13 institutions for gifted education listed above, please fill in the KLU scholarship application form and attach an approval letter of the respective institution. Please send the application and the confirmation to

Important: To receive a Gifted Education Scholarship you need to be an approved scholarship recipient of one of the institutions above before your start your studies at KLU (i.e. before September 01st). 

Sport Scholarship

KLU is an official partner university of high performance sport represented by the Olympiastützpunkt Hamburg/Schleswig Holstein (Olympic base) and the Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsport Verband (German University Sports Federation).
In the context of this cooperation, KLU has implemented a scholarship program for German national team athletes, as well as a discount program for Bundesliga athletes (or an equivalent) in various sports. Find out more under KLU Sports.

Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Scholarship)

The aim of the Deutschlandstipendium is to support excellent students in Germany, regardless of the field of study or personal background. The scholarship support is 300 Euro per month – with no strings attached, i.e., students can use this money to fund any part of their daily life (such as housing, travelling etc.).

A specific requirement of the program is that 50% of the scholarship must be financed by a private sponsor. We are very grateful that Hamburg Süd takes over this funding commitment for the KLU.

The application is open to all KLU students who have just finished the first two semesters in their KLU program, i.e., students from the Bachelor in Business Administration, from the Master in Management, Master in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management as well as the tricontinental Master in Supply Chain Management. Please note that, MSc. Fast Track students are not eligible as their studies at KLU already end after 3 semesters.

Each summer, KLU students receive the Call for Applications by the Dean of Programs with all relevant details how to apply.

For information on external scholarships, or other financing options, please visit our page Tuition & Financing.